Atlantic Criticizes Biden Allies For Misusing Stutter As Defense

Following President Joe Biden’s poor performance in the recent debate, supporters have been attributing his difficulties to a stutter that nobody seemed aware of until he entered his descent into senility. Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) defended Biden on CNN, saying, “All of us know how stutterers operate.” This narrative has been promoted by many on social media, labeling criticism as “extreme ableism.” However, The Atlantic magazine has called this defense “dishonest,” arguing it obscures the real issues.

The Atlantic pointed out that Biden’s debate performance issues went beyond typical stuttering symptoms. Viewers noticed Biden frequently freezing, staring blankly, and struggling to form coherent responses. These behaviors are not typical of stuttering, which usually involves repetition or blocks around certain sounds.

During the debate, Biden’s struggles were evident in his response to a question about the national debt, where he concluded with “we finally beat Medicare.” This was not a stutter but rather an example of his broader communication difficulties, raising concerns about his cognitive health.

Critics argue that blaming Biden’s debate performance on his stutter is not only misleading but also unfairly stigmatizes those with the disorder. Stuttering impacts speech patterns, but it does not account for the other cognitive issues Biden displayed. This misuse of the stutter narrative is seen as a way to deflect from legitimate concerns about his mental fitness for office.

Reports have increasingly highlighted Biden’s thought lapses and reduced energy, signs that are more consistent with aging than with stuttering. These concerns are growing even among Democrats and friendly media, who are beginning to question his ability to handle the demands of the presidency.

The Atlantic’s critique underscores that using Biden’s stutter as a shield against criticism diverts attention from real and pressing issues regarding his cognitive abilities. As Biden campaigns for re-election, the debate over his mental fitness is likely to intensify, making it harder to ignore the broader concerns about his capability to serve another term.