Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Allowing Arrest Of Undocumented Migrants

While many Republican leaders in states impacted heavily by the ongoing border crisis have attempted to implement new laws making it easier to arrest and deport those in the country illegally, leftist Democrats have instead focused more on ensuring that undocumented migrants receive a wide range of taxpayer-funded resources.

In one border state now under the control of a Democratic governor, a GOP-backed bill was stopped in its tracks this week with the stroke of a pen.

Referring to SB 1231, or the Arizona Border Invasion Act, as a piece of “anti-immigrant legislation,” Gov. Katie Hobbs announced her decision to veto the bill in a statement on Monday.

She denounced Republican lawmakers for allegedly attempting to “score cheap political points” with their effort to crack down on illegal immigration.

“This bill does not secure our border,” she claimed. “On the contrary, it will be harmful for communities and businesses in our state, and a burden for law enforcement personnel. I know there’s frustration about the federal government’s failure to secure our border, but this bill is not the solution.”

In a letter defending her decision, Hobbs wrote that SB 1231 “presents significant constitutional concerns” and would spark legal challenges if implemented.

Supporters of the bill in the state Senate made their case with the governor directly in an effort to convince her to sign it into law.

“The Legislature did its job to protect our citizens, but Governor Hobbs failed to do hers,” asserted GOP state Sen. Janae Shamp. “Vetoing the Arizona Border Invasion Act is a prime example of the chaos Hobbs is unleashing in our state while perpetuating this open border crisis as Biden’s accomplice. Arizonans want and deserve safe communities. Our local, county, and state law enforcement officers are pleading for help, and they support this legislation to protect our citizens.”

Following her veto, many of those legislators were quick to voice their disapproval.

A statement released on behalf of the Arizona State Senate Republican Caucus insisted that Hobbs “irresponsibly vetoed critical legislation today that would have provided law enforcement the ability to protect Arizonans from heinous crimes associated with Joe Biden’s border invasion.