Americans Favor More Border Patrol Agents Amid Border Crisis

With illegal immigration growing across the U.S., polls show that most Americans want the federal government to hire more Border Patrol agents and immigration judges to tackle the issue.

In a survey by the Associated Press, 64% of respondents indicated their support for hiring additional Border Patrol agents to combat increasing illegal immigration. The figure included 54% of Democrats, 56% of independents and nearly 80% of Republicans.

An additional 58% favored hiring more immigration judges, including 60% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats and 36% of independents, according to Just the News.

A little over 50% supported reducing the number of immigrants allowed to seek asylum in the U.S., with 35% of Democrats backing such a measure.

Support for continuing construction of a southern border wall, which was a key proposal of then-President Donald Trump, stood at 42% overall, with just 12% of Democrats supporting the plan and 77% of Republicans approving it.

Nearly 80% of Republicans characterized the issue of immigration as “extremely or very important,” while just 46% of Democrats shared that sentiment.

The survey questioned nearly 1,3000 adults. It comes as Americans express their dissatisfaction with President Joe Biden’s handling of the southern border crisis. Since taking office, millions of illegal immigrants have poured across the border, jeopardizing the lives of Americans.

Despite calls from congressional Republicans and even Democrats to secure the southern border, the Biden administration has done little to nothing to enact border security measures. As such, Biden holds less than a 32% approval rating on immigration, according to RealClearPolitics.

The Washington Examiner pointed out that the recent report card from the White House indicates that the president’s allowance of millions of illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. is cause for his low approval rating as he seeks reelection.

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported that there are a record 51 million immigrants in the U.S., with 13 million here illegally.

Conservative Jed Babbin, one of the graders, gave the president an “F,” highlighting his snub of Israel and his failure to recognize New York Police Department (NYPD) officer Jonathan Diller, who was recently killed on duty at a traffic stop.